Friday, April 10, 2009


Good Morning from Fairbanks, Alaska. My friends have convinced me to start a blog, so here goes. TODAY IS APRIL 10. The first snowbuntings have been sighted around Fairbanks this past week. The snow is melting like crazy, but before noon, the sled dog trails are still frozen and fast. As the temp goes up, the snow gets mushy and the dogs get over heated. Lots of rolling around in the snow to cool off. Pussy willows are puffing out and the ravens are dancing in the blue sky above. I love winter, so this all comes with a little bittersweetness. The full moon is orange at night and the night sky never really gets dark dark. We won't see another real full moon until next September. We have at least 14 hours of daylight and it's strange to say good night to Charlie Rose at 11:30pm and the light still beams in.Summer is sneaking in.
I hope you are enjoying the spring weather wherever you may be. If you are a friend who visited during the past summers, I send my warm greetings to you. If you might be visiting this summer, don't think twice. You will love your Alaskan Adventure. If you're visiting Fairbanks, check out my tour at
Hope to meet you.
Happy Trails,
Mary Shields