Saturday, June 20, 2009

summer solstice in Fairbanks, Alaska

Good Morning on the longest day of the year; Summer Solstice. We have over 22 hoursof daytlight today and the community is celebrating. I am one of the very small minority who quietly  know it will be getting a little darker, just 7 minutes a day, and winter is slowly rolling around,, or I should say our earth is rolling toward winter.
Yes it is lovely today too. The air is fresh after a good rain last night.I'm sitting out on the deck with my morning coffee, wearing long pants and a sweatshirt, and I am a tiny bit chilled. Temperature about 60° but predicted to go up to 70-75° - perfect. The lilacs have been blooming for a week now and the wild iris  smile along the roads. The birds have fledged their first round of babies and the garden opens further each day. Spinach harvested last night. Friends are departing for Dillingham for the Red Salmon fishery. I wish them good luck, as I buy my winter's supply of the best wild salmon Alaska has to offer, from these fishers. 

Tours have been pretty slow this season. I think people are worried about the economy. The people who have come out have been very nice and I've enjoyed meeting them. The sled dogs are looking up at me as if to say<"Come on Mom, let's play!" So  off I go. I trust your weekend will sunny and perfect. Bye Bye, Mary